Sermons from June 2021

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Heavenly Arrangements Romans 8:14-17


He established who we are — We are children of God; as long as we are living by His Spirit He established what took place — We were adopted into the family of Christ; once we have been set free we will not be put back into bondage He established our connection — We are […]

God’s Provision for His People Jeremiah 3:15


Celebrating 26 yr with Pastor Ronald and Lady Kim Covington Friendship MB Church Indianapolis IN God had a Plan – I will give Pastor’s…. God knows what we need and he will give it. Pastors are a gift. God’s Passion –  According to my heart…. God was ensuring that they have a heart like God. […]

Keep on Preaching 2Timothy 4:1-5


Happy 31st Appreciation Pastor and Lady Kim Adams It is important and serious that you keep on preaching. It’s Serious because of the 2 divine witnesses God and Jesus. It’s important because Jesus is coming back and He’s coming back as judge. Jesus is going to set up His kingdom and we will rule with […]