Sermons from 2021

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When the Time was Right. Galatians 4:4&5


When the Timing of God is Right… He sent us His Son — Born of a woman to redeem all those under the law. He sent us a Savior — Some one who could redeem us, rescue us from sin and death. He sent us acceptance — He has freely received us through the adoption […]

Psalm 46:1 The Lord Is!!


Personal Protector — He keeps us from Dangers seen and unseen Pre-eminent Power — No one else can compare to Him Permanent Present — He is our very present help  Precious Promise Keeper — His Word will not return void

At ALL Times Psalm 34:1


Question: When is Praises to God, ever at the WRONG time? Relationship with God — You got to know God for yourself. Reverence to God — Honor Him, Respect Him, He is God Almighty bow down to Him. Response to God — I will BLESS the Lord at all times!!

It was Nailed to His Cross Col 2:13-15


He canceled all that was against us — every sin was nailed to His cross. He took it out the way — When Jesus remove it it’s gone!! He Triumph over everything — Jesus is the all time champion he ruins all the enemies plots. The reason why he came.  The cross!! All that was […]

Overcoming the World 1John 5: 4&5


We are Children of God — Our Position We have Faith that Overcome — Our Proof We believe Jesus is the Son of God — Our Persuasion One thing that separates us from the World is our FAITH. Every Christian has a measure of FAITH. God will help you OVERCOME ….trust God and He will […]