Sermons from December 2022

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A Celebration of a King Luke 2:8-14


Announcement of Great Joy for ALL People. Acknowledgement of a Savior. Adoration of a King. We should have a reason to praise God!! Praise Him in your home, on your Job, Children you can praise him in school!!  Take a Praise Break. Glory to God in the Highest —  On earth Peace, Good Will, towards […]

The Search for a King Matthew 2:1&2


Where is He — He that is King of the Jews where is He? We saw His Star — “His” star the star that leads to the King!! We come to Worship Him — When we find him we will worship Him for he is King. We bring Gifts to Him — They brought Gold, […]

The Birth of a King Luke 1:28-33

He will come from Royalty — The Son for the most High. He will be given a Throne — He will be an exalted King. He will have and Endless Kingdom — He will rule for eternity. The birth of Jesus was the greatest Miracle.  Born of a virgin, Mary, she wasn’t special, she didn’t […]