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“Are You Cheating God?” Malachi 3:8-10

Bring — A word of action, “where”, to the Church, 10% back to him. Believe — God challenges us to test Him, “Prove God”. Blessed — God will pour out a “Blessing” there should not be room enough to receive. I you do what God says you will be blessed.

“I’s Bound To Happen” James 1:2-4

Attitude towards it — Have joy during your various trials. Acceptance of it — Testing causes endurance and patience. Blessings will come from it — Patience will perform a perfect work, you will want nothing. Some sources of our trouble come from the devil, some from the world, some come from God and some troubles […]

When a Nation is Great Deuteronomy 4:7,8


Recognize the Presence of God- The only way we can be great we must acknowledge God Recognize the Provisions of God- Call on the Lord ask for  what you need Recognize the Plan of God- If we wanna be Great we must keep His statues; we must abide in His plan   When America wakes […]