Sermons from May 2023

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“He Will Deliver” Psalms 34:19


The Righteous will have many afflictions — people of integrity will suffer, they will have many troubles. Life Happens — you might have not done anything wrong and bad things happen to you. BUT No matter what the problem or struggle is God will deliver us. God will Deliver us from ALL our TROUBLES.

“Praise His Name” Psalm 1:1-3

It’s a “Call” to Praise his name – His Servants are obligated to praise his name. It’s a “Continuation” to Praise his name –  His name should be going from Generation to Generation of believers. It’s a “Command” to Praise his name – Praise him for the rising of the sun to the going down […]

“God Is” Psalm 46:1-3

Description of Who God is – God is our refuge, our strength a Present Help. Declaration of Who God is – Making it known, who He is. He is someone in all our lives. Dependency on Who God is – You can depend on God, He is there when the going get rough. God is […]