Sermons from February 2024

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What Means These Stones? Joshua 4: 20-24


The Stones Represent the Provision of God — God dried up the Jordan river, the people they came through on dry ground. The Stones Represent the Power of God — All people will know that God has ALL power shut up his hands. The Stones Represent the Preeminence of God —  All people will fear […]

“The Many Who Did” John 1: 10-13


They Accepted Jesus — it was some who accepted Jesus. They Became Children of God — because we believe in his name, we believe in his person. We Were Born Again — We receive Jesus born of the Spirit, the process happens on the inside. It changes us.

“Its all in Christ” Galatians 3:26-28


Our Conversion — we have been saved, a change that start from the inside not seen by the natural eye.  Spiritual baptism.  Our Character —  we should take on the characteristics of Jesus, walk like him and act like him, live a life like Jesus. Our Connection — we are diverse people we represent all […]

“What Peter Learned” Acts 10:34-36


Peter learned who God was NOT — God do not have favorites, he treat ALL equal. Peter learned who God has ALLOWED — God allowed every Nation that will fear him, respected him, will be accepted.  You can know him for yourself. Peter learned who God has SENT — God’s Word was sent, a message […]