Sermons from September 2020

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You Can’t Escape God. Psalm 139:7-12


There is no where to run from God — God is Every where There is no place to hide — You can’t  hide from God not in heaven or hell; He is always there There is Nothing that STOPS GOD — No matter what you do; No matter where you GO; God is with us […]

It Wasn’t Necessary Judges 11:29-35


Why It Wasn’t Necessary!! 1. He had the presence of God with him. — It was God presence who led him; God promises never to leave us 2. He didn’t have to make a promise to God. — If God says He gonna do it He will do it….. He is not a man that […]

Be Still and Know Psalm 46:10&11


Look at the Person of God….. Be still!! Sit still and listen see what God has to say Look at the Pre-eminence (Superiority) of God …. He will be exalted by saint and sinner, He has no equal We Need to Know the Presence of God….. He is ALWAYS with US! His presence bring peace […]

For the Righteous Sake Genesis 18:23-26


The Righteous should be concerned — We should be reaching out for everyone to be invited to the Family of Christ The Righteous should know to intervene — We should know how to go to God about others The Righteous should believe God — We should believe what God says We are proof that He […]