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Real ‘Religion” James 1:26-27

Be careful what you Say — Control your tongue. Be Compassionate to the Helpless — Help those in need. Be Cautious of the World.   Who you hanging with where are you going? We have been called out from among them; Be separated from the world.

OVERCOMING!! 1John 5:4-5


An Assurance we will Overcome — You will be victorious because of our connection to God. An Aid to Overcome — You have to have faith, through our faith we will overcome. An Acceptance to Overcome — Who will overcome? Only those who have accepted Jesus  as there Lord Overcome —  To conquer; to vanquish; […]

Give It All To God! 1Peter 5:7


You have to Surrender to God — Humble yourself and go to God. Securing It with Got — Put it in His hands, nobody can touch it. You are Satisfied with God — God cares for you!! Casting — present action; do it right now. Obedience will lead to abundant blessings.

Don’t Be Afraid Isaiah 41:10


He is Present — I am with thee; God is always present, it a trick of the enemy to make you think He is not there. He is our Possession — As believers we have the right to claim Him. He is our Provider  —  He will strengthen you He will help you He will […]

A Name for All People Acts 4:12


Preeminent — This name Jesus is Superior; no other name compares to it; Salvation is found in this Name only! Providential — God purposely made that name be given to us; God made something happen through divine intervention in the name of Jesus. Persuasive —  This Name along is the only way we can be […]

Turn Your Worries Into Prayers Phil 4:6&7


Acknowledge that there is a Worry — When the cares of the World come, don’t panic, don’t worry pray! Instruction to Pray — He can keep a secret, you can share everything with Him, He hears us! Have some expectation of God — He will do what He says He will do, You can have […]

“If My People” 2 Chronicle 7:13-14


1. God’s claim — God has chosen us as his people, sometimes we don’t deserve it and he still claim us. 2. God’s Complaint — They don’t humble themselves, they don’t pray, they don’t seek my face, they haven’t turn from there wicked ways. 3. God’s Cure —  Go to God with a repented heart […]