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“God Is” Psalm 46:1-3

Description of Who God is – God is our refuge, our strength a Present Help. Declaration of Who God is – Making it known, who He is. He is someone in all our lives. Dependency on Who God is – You can depend on God, He is there when the going get rough. God is […]

Why Where You Surprised? Acts 12:11-16


Believe what you pray to God about — if you tell God about your concern believe he will answer, Yes  Wait or No. They should have expected God to Answer — Don’t be surprised when he answer. Rejoice and be thankful. Don’t be surprised HOW God answers — God can speak to it, God can […]

“Jesus Gets Us” Hebrews 4:14-15


  He became like us– God and Man at the same time. He cried like us, He had pain like us, He had feeling like us.  But Jesus did NOT sin. He could relate to us — He can relate to our hard times, He relates to what we are going through, to our sorrows […]

“The God of All Generations” Psalms 90:1-2


We got to praise God for who he is — God is our shelter and our protection.  He is our dwelling place our safe place. We got to believe God is eternal –Before the mountains God IS, God has no beginning and he has no end.  God “IS” and will always “BE”. We got to […]

“New in Christ 2” Corinthians 5:17


What we are in Christ — We are a new Creature; A new Creation. What we are NO Longer in Christ — Old things have passed away, junk has passed away it a process. Look at what we have become because of Christ — Being in Christ we have a new life. This Newness is […]

Desiring to Be in His Presence Psalm 27:7-9


Request God’s Presence Recalls God’s Promises Re-assures God to be Present David was a praying man…. Hear me oh Lord…..have mercy on me…..Lord help me!! Pour your heart out to God.  Seek to be in His presence. God is not only our best Choice he should be our first Choice.  

We Got To Hang On In There Galatian 6:9


We can not get tired of doing right. Doing right might NOT always be appreciated or received, but it is pleasing to God. We got to believe our season is coming.  Wait on your season, all that you have sowed.  Believe and trust God will let it come, don’t get tired in the wait. We […]