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The Destiny of Jesus Mark 10:32-34


He Explains Where His Destiny Will Take Him — His destiny will take him UP to Jerusalem and will be delivered to his enemies.  You can not change your destiny. We see Jesus Destiny Revealed — He would be mocked, spit on and He would die.  Jesus was willing to have his destiny fulfilled without […]

“The Many Who Did” John 1: 10-13


They Accepted Jesus — it was some who accepted Jesus. They Became Children of God — because we believe in his name, we believe in his person. We Were Born Again — We receive Jesus born of the Spirit, the process happens on the inside. It changes us.

“2024” Happy New Year!!


Don’t Rejoice over this Rejoice over that.  Luke 10:1, 17-20 When you go out in Jesus name you will have power and authority to see miracles.  God will empower you to do his will. Don’t brag over something I have gave you the power to do.  Give God the glory and praise for what is […]