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Overcoming the World 1John 5: 4&5


We are Children of God — Our Position We have Faith that Overcome — Our Proof We believe Jesus is the Son of God — Our Persuasion One thing that separates us from the World is our FAITH. Every Christian has a measure of FAITH. God will help you OVERCOME ….trust God and He will […]

How to Wait Only on God Psalm 62:5&6


Waiting upon God — Waiting is a process, Waiting produce patient, Waiting teaches you to be still, Waiting teaches you to trust in God. My Promise is from God — My Expectation and Hope is in God. My Provision is in Him — He is my Rock and my Salvation. My protection is in Him […]

They Heard and Believed John 4:39 – 42

A. Women Convinced others – It is important that we share our testimony so others can see how far God brought us. Our Savior convinced others – They wanted Jesus to stay with them, He stayed for 2 days and many was saved. Convinced for they have heard for themselves – Blessed are those who […]

Heavenly Arrangements Romans 8:14-17


He established who we are — We are children of God; as long as we are living by His Spirit He established what took place — We were adopted into the family of Christ; once we have been set free we will not be put back into bondage He established our connection — We are […]

God’s Provision for His People Jeremiah 3:15


Celebrating 26 yr with Pastor Ronald and Lady Kim Covington Friendship MB Church Indianapolis IN God had a Plan – I will give Pastor’s…. God knows what we need and he will give it. Pastors are a gift. God’s Passion –  According to my heart…. God was ensuring that they have a heart like God. […]