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The Power of the Cross Colossians 2:13-15

1.  The Cross has Power to Forgive our Sins – You have to confess your sins be repented  in your heart. 2. The Cross has the Power to cancel Charges Against Us  – Jesus blotted out all strikes against us and nailed them to His Cross. 3. The Cross has the Power to Disarm principalities  […]

In God We Trust Proverbs 3:5&6

You have to make the Decision to Rely. A Dependency to Refuse. Details to Relinquish. I have a Direction; I will Receive. Trust in Him He will see you through!!

What the Resurrection did for us 1Peter 3-5


We received a lively Hope — A hope that don’t fade away. We received an inheritance — It’s an eternal inheritance when I’m done on earth, its reserved in Heaven for ME!! We received eternal Security — We are kept by God until Jesus return, we are in His hands NO one can pluck us […]

There Will Be Glory After This Romans 8:18


Creation Groan — We share in His suffering and we will share in His Glory Believers Groan — Those He justified He also Glorifies Holy Spirit Groan — God provide us what we need to wait with patience Choose to Honor God       Choose to commit to God      Choose to declare He […]

Don’t Let It Move You Acts 20:22-24


He was not afraid of the unknown He was aware of what awaited Him He was no abandoning what he was charged to do There are reasons things happen, the enemy is responsible, God allows things to happen, and things happen because we live in this world. Don’t let whatever you are going through make […]

You Can Depend on the Lord Psalm 121


He in my Helper — Lift up mine eyes unto the hill from which cometh my help;  God is our help He is our Keeper — He will keep us He never sleep or slumber He is our Preserver — He will preserve us from evil; He will preserve our gong out and thy coming […]

Real ‘Religion” James 1:26-27


Be careful what you Say — Control your tongue. Be Compassionate to the Helpless — Help those in need. Be Cautious of the World.   Who you hanging with where are you going? We have been called out from among them; Be separated from the world.

OVERCOMING!! 1John 5:4-5


An Assurance we will Overcome — You will be victorious because of our connection to God. An Aid to Overcome — You have to have faith, through our faith we will overcome. An Acceptance to Overcome — Who will overcome? Only those who have accepted Jesus  as there Lord Overcome —  To conquer; to vanquish; […]