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It Wasn’t Necessary Judges 11:29-35


Why It Wasn’t Necessary!! 1. He had the presence of God with him. — It was God presence who led him; God promises never to leave us 2. He didn’t have to make a promise to God. — If God says He gonna do it He will do it….. He is not a man that […]

Don’t Stop Praying 1 Thessalonian 5:17


Prayer helps us develop a relationship with God — Talk to Him spend time with Him Prayer allows us to talk to God — We can talk to God about anything and everything; He listens and don’t tell our secrets Prayer leads us to the unlimited resources of God — We can talk to God […]

The Answer To All Our Fears Psalm 27:1-5


Confident Claim in His God — The Lord is MY Light, MY Life, My God; He is Mine Confident Clause — How I Know; Those that don’t like you, They stumble and fall Confident Celebration — I will dwell in the house of the Lord; In the time of trouble He will Hide me in […]

It’s What We Must Do 2 Chronicles 7:14

What Do We Need To Do To Hear From God Humble Yourself — Don’t be high and mighty bow down to God Pray — Share everything with God; He wants to here from Us; Repent Seek His Face — We need Him to have mercy, give forgiveness and protection Turn From Your Wicked Ways — […]

Whose Report Would You Believe? Numbers 13:30-33

Caleb’s report was matched in Faith — He based his report on his God. The Evil Report was mingled in Fear — There report came from what there eyes seen not on there God. The  Report was Mighty with out Failure — When God has something for you it YOURS just trust and believe. Everybody […]

Nothing Can Separate Us From It Romans 8:35-39

Paul asks is it a possibility to be separated from God? Can tribulation, distress, famine, persecution or anything we can name A proclamation to overcome separation. — More than a conquer! It was a persuasion to never be separated. –For I am persuaded, neither death or life, powers or things present can separate us from […]