Sermons from July 2022

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Something Greater is Happening 2Cor. 4:16


Don’t be discouraged, Don’t loose heart, Something greater is happening. Our Spirit is being renewed day by day and it is for our good. No matter what happens to our outer body, no matter what you see with your eyes the inner body is getting stronger. Although you see the outer body breaking down its […]

Here’s What Really Matters Luke 6:32-36


Dismissed our attitudes — You can’t be respecter of person you have to love the good and the bad those who you love AND your enemies.  What are you motives to do good?  You should lend with no expectations from getting it back. Details our actions — Love your  enemies, lend to you enemies hoping […]

What is Your Rason Psalm 105:1-5

What is your Reason to Praise God….. Total Approach – Bless the Lord all my Soul, ALL that is within ME. Total Appreciation – Don’t forget all his Benefits, peace of mind, strength and more. Assortment of Reasons –  Who He is, Forgives sin, Heals Diseases, Redeems Me, His Love and Kindness. He Satisfies our […]