Trust Worthy

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“When Job Prayed” Job 42: 7-10


Job prayed for his friends so God could forgive them. Job prayed for his friends so He could forgive them. Job prayed for his friends and God restored Him. God gave Job twice as much as he had lost. When we pray for others it may change there life and bless yours!!

Something Greater is Happening 2Cor. 4:16


Don’t be discouraged, Don’t loose heart, Something greater is happening. Our Spirit is being renewed day by day and it is for our good. No matter what happens to our outer body, no matter what you see with your eyes the inner body is getting stronger. Although you see the outer body breaking down its […]

I Can Through Christ Phil 4:11-13


Contentment that he receive from Christ — Contentment is learned, it is a process. I know how to be abased and I know how to be abound — I had much and had little and I can trust God. I gained some Confidence in Christ — I can do all things through Christ which gives […]

He Remains the Same Hebrews 13:8


Jesus Past proves He remains the same — Yesterday!! Jesus Presence proves He remains the same — Constant in His character. Jesus Eternality proves that He remains the same — Depend on Him forever. Our focus needs to be on Jesus Christ, the scripture reminds us that no matter what, He remains the same past, […]

Who is Like the Lord? Micah 7:18-19


He forgives Us — He pardons our sins and forgives our transgressions. He don’t stay angry at Us — He don’t stay angry but delight in showing  mercy upon us. He knows how to restore Us — He will restore and have compassion upon us. There is None Like You!!