Sermons from September 2022

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“Not so Fast” Matthew 7:21-24


Do the will of the Father who Jesus will recognize.  You have to do what the Lord say, OBEDIANCE, living in a way that please God. Those who don’t have to defend themselves.  He sees you and you wont have to defend what you are doing.  Your life will speak for you, your works will […]

You Had Your Chance Acts 13:44-49


Chances wont always be available when you have one take advantage of it, make sure is God. Every believer has a past, no matter what your past God can clean you up and use you. We don’t need to interfere. Don’t forget you had a chance to make a choice. You cant stop others from […]

“Wait” Psalm 27:14


Wait — Delay action to a particular time or to something else to happen. Hope and Expectation. When God says wait, we don’t know how long it is a test of your faith. Who to “WAIT’  on —  Wait on the Lord, God is there in the wait. Trust God! How to WAIT — Be […]

What Kind of Noise are You Making? Psalm 100


We serve ALL Powerful All Knowing All Truthful God who is Everywhere. Make a joyful noise…. Chipper     Cheerful     Happy     Merry     Bubbly     Mindful     Good Spirited NOISE A Noise ONLY God can detect!!!  WORSHIP Thank you  Pastor Otis Thompson — Christian Valley Baptist Church