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“Let It Live In You” Colossians 3:16 & 17


When God Lives in YOU!! You can Educate others — Tell others about your past and how God brought you out. Warn them, when you know the truth share it with someone else. You can Exalt the Lord — Sing songs of praise to God.  Listen to Spiritual music some have God’s messages, they can […]

“Not so Fast” Matthew 7:21-24


Do the will of the Father who Jesus will recognize.  You have to do what the Lord say, OBEDIANCE, living in a way that please God. Those who don’t have to defend themselves.  He sees you and you wont have to defend what you are doing.  Your life will speak for you, your works will […]

Here’s What Really Matters Luke 6:32-36


Dismissed our attitudes — You can’t be respecter of person you have to love the good and the bad those who you love AND your enemies.  What are you motives to do good?  You should lend with no expectations from getting it back. Details our actions — Love your  enemies, lend to you enemies hoping […]

Why it was Written Romans 15:4


Written for a purpose; it was written for our learning, by those inspired by the Holy Ghost, instructions. Written for Perseverance; it teaches us patience, how to endure, how to wait on the Lord. Written with Promise; through the belief in the scripture it gives us hope, give us direction.