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Why it was Written Romans 15:4


Written for a purpose; it was written for our learning, by those inspired by the Holy Ghost, instructions. Written for Perseverance; it teaches us patience, how to endure, how to wait on the Lord. Written with Promise; through the belief in the scripture it gives us hope, give us direction.  

At ALL Times Psalm 34:1


Question: When is Praises to God, ever at the WRONG time? Relationship with God — You got to know God for yourself. Reverence to God — Honor Him, Respect Him, He is God Almighty bow down to Him. Response to God — I will BLESS the Lord at all times!!

Appreciate Your Pastor 1 Thessalonians 5:12&13

We need to recognize Him — You need to understand the Labor he is preforming. He feeds you the Word of God and help you grow. We need to learn to respect Him — Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work. Live in Peace with one another — We should […]

Keep on Preaching 2Timothy 4:1-5


Happy 31st Appreciation Pastor and Lady Kim Adams It is important and serious that you keep on preaching. It’s Serious because of the 2 divine witnesses God and Jesus. It’s important because Jesus is coming back and He’s coming back as judge. Jesus is going to set up His kingdom and we will rule with […]