Sermons from January 2024

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“One Body” 1Corithians 12:12-14

Comparison of Body- We become one in Christ Jesus. Creation of the Body – The Holy Spirit is the one Spirit of God. Completeness of the Body – The Body is many members all united in Christ.

“Everybody Deserve A Chance” Jonah 4:10&11


A Reluctant Prophet – Jonah hated the people, God don’t care about your hang ups. A Repented People – The people believe God and fasted and repented as a Nation. God withheld his judgement. He’s a Righteous Provider – He provided shade for Jonah, then showed him everyone deserves a chance.

“2024” Happy New Year!!


Don’t Rejoice over this Rejoice over that.  Luke 10:1, 17-20 When you go out in Jesus name you will have power and authority to see miracles.  God will empower you to do his will. Don’t brag over something I have gave you the power to do.  Give God the glory and praise for what is […]

I Had To Go Through This 2Corinthians 4:3-9


When God heats up the fire in your life he is burning off the impurities off your life. Salvation don’t cost anything but there is a cost for the anointing, but God will qualify you. You don’t look like what you going through. Don’t give up keep coming back, keep getting up.