Sermons from March 2023

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Why Where You Surprised? Acts 12:11-16


Believe what you pray to God about — if you tell God about your concern believe he will answer, Yes  Wait or No. They should have expected God to Answer — Don’t be surprised when he answer. Rejoice and be thankful. Don’t be surprised HOW God answers — God can speak to it, God can […]

What Has Your Attention Luke 10:38-42


When you have your mind on the wrong thing– We become distracted- don’t be distracted with busy work, enjoy your guest. We will complain — you make accusations against those enjoying the guest. We will become selfish– she wanted Jesus tell her to help me, she was thinking about herself. When Jesus is in the […]

“Jesus Gets Us” Hebrews 4:14-15


  He became like us– God and Man at the same time. He cried like us, He had pain like us, He had feeling like us.  But Jesus did NOT sin. He could relate to us — He can relate to our hard times, He relates to what we are going through, to our sorrows […]