Sermons by Rev. Andre’ Adams

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“He Will Deliver” Psalms 34:19


The Righteous will have many afflictions — people of integrity will suffer, they will have many troubles. Life Happens — you might have not done anything wrong and bad things happen to you. BUT No matter what the problem or struggle is God will deliver us. God will Deliver us from ALL our TROUBLES.

“Weeping May But Joy Will” Psalm 30:5


Crying is Universal everyone cries, male female black or white rich or poor everyone cries. When our Spirit is full one way or the other we happy or heavy we cry. Tears represent the condition of your Spirit at the time you are crying, crying is a way of emptying your soul. None of your […]

There Will Be Glory After This Romans 8:18


Creation Groan — We share in His suffering and we will share in His Glory Believers Groan — Those He justified He also Glorifies Holy Spirit Groan — God provide us what we need to wait with patience Choose to Honor God       Choose to commit to God      Choose to declare He […]