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“Its all in Christ” Galatians 3:26-28


Our Conversion — we have been saved, a change that start from the inside not seen by the natural eye.  Spiritual baptism.  Our Character —  we should take on the characteristics of Jesus, walk like him and act like him, live a life like Jesus. Our Connection — we are diverse people we represent all […]

A Word to the Weary Matthew 11:28-30


When we find ourself weary what do you do? There is somebody who is able to help, someone greater than man. Beware of the enemy he attacks the mind. Stop worrying about what people think, love them that come against you. When we find ourself weary what do you do? Come To Me —  Jesus […]

The Father and US 1John 3:1&2


His Love allowed us to be called the Children of God, heirs to the kingdom. His Love allows us to declare that we are his Children, to know that we are His. His Love allows us to know we will forever be His Children, destined to live with Him forever.

For the Righteous Sake Genesis 18:23-26


The Righteous should be concerned — We should be reaching out for everyone to be invited to the Family of Christ The Righteous should know to intervene — We should know how to go to God about others The Righteous should believe God — We should believe what God says We are proof that He […]

He is in No Hurry 2Peter 3:8-9


God isn’t on nobody Schedule;  Do you have God penciled in? God is patient with Everybody; God is long suffering God is giving every one a chance; God will is that no one will miss heaven                              Lord You Have Our Attention