Sermons from January 2022

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Religion on Display James 1:26-27


It starts with your conversation; you have to master your tongue think before you speak. It starts with your compassion; it will be seen in how you treat people. It starts with your conduct; you have to keep your self unspotted from the world. You have to be sure you are glorifying God and NOT […]

Why it was Written Romans 15:4


Written for a purpose; it was written for our learning, by those inspired by the Holy Ghost, instructions. Written for Perseverance; it teaches us patience, how to endure, how to wait on the Lord. Written with Promise; through the belief in the scripture it gives us hope, give us direction.  

Is It Worth It? Mark 8:37-38


The World’s Riches are Temporary — Material things are temporary they parish and run out. The Price is Not Worth it — It doesn’t matter what the world present; What the devil present IT IS NOT WORTH IT! The Deal Can NOT Be Done — Once you belong to God NO deal can be done […]

He Remains the Same Hebrews 13:8


Jesus Past proves He remains the same — Yesterday!! Jesus Presence proves He remains the same — Constant in His character. Jesus Eternality proves that He remains the same — Depend on Him forever. Our focus needs to be on Jesus Christ, the scripture reminds us that no matter what, He remains the same past, […]