The Power of God

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“He Will Deliver” Psalms 34:19


The Righteous will have many afflictions — people of integrity will suffer, they will have many troubles. Life Happens — you might have not done anything wrong and bad things happen to you. BUT No matter what the problem or struggle is God will deliver us. God will Deliver us from ALL our TROUBLES.

Why Where You Surprised? Acts 12:11-16


Believe what you pray to God about — if you tell God about your concern believe he will answer, Yes  Wait or No. They should have expected God to Answer — Don’t be surprised when he answer. Rejoice and be thankful. Don’t be surprised HOW God answers — God can speak to it, God can […]

Hope for Fearful Times Psalms 27:1


The Lord is My Light — God is able to shine in our darkness and our fears. The Lord is My Salvation — God is our deliverer, He is our hope. The Lord is the strength of my Life —  God has put power in Me, because of his power we are overcomers.

What is Your Rason Psalm 105:1-5

What is your Reason to Praise God….. Total Approach – Bless the Lord all my Soul, ALL that is within ME. Total Appreciation – Don’t forget all his Benefits, peace of mind, strength and more. Assortment of Reasons –  Who He is, Forgives sin, Heals Diseases, Redeems Me, His Love and Kindness. He Satisfies our […]

Pastor Charles and Lady Kimbley Adams 32nd Year Appreciation Service

Pastor James Clark —  Evening Star M.B. Church Thankful for 32 years   —  1Timoty 1:12 Thankful for Jesus enabled Him — This strength only comes from Jesus, only by his grace. Thankful for putting me into the ministry — God has counted our mess ups and still call us to serve. Thankful for putting me […]

Overcoming the World 1John 5:4&5


Every one has over come something, we all have been through something and OVERCOME!! I you gonna OVERCOME you have too…. You must be of God to over come the world; we have to be in relationship with someone who can give you power. You must have faith; without faith you can not please God. […]

It was Nailed to His Cross Col 2:13-15


He canceled all that was against us — every sin was nailed to His cross. He took it out the way — When Jesus remove it it’s gone!! He Triumph over everything — Jesus is the all time champion he ruins all the enemies plots. The reason why he came.  The cross!! All that was […]