The Power of God

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Overcoming the World 1John 5:4&5


Every one has over come something, we all have been through something and OVERCOME!! I you gonna OVERCOME you have too…. You must be of God to over come the world; we have to be in relationship with someone who can give you power. You must have faith; without faith you can not please God. […]

It was Nailed to His Cross Col 2:13-15


He canceled all that was against us — every sin was nailed to His cross. He took it out the way — When Jesus remove it it’s gone!! He Triumph over everything — Jesus is the all time champion he ruins all the enemies plots. The reason why he came.  The cross!! All that was […]

The Magnitude of “ALL” Romans 8:28

There is a collective Agreement – “And we know”,  we can agree that God can make things happen. There is a collective Assurance – “for those who Love Him”, He loved us first, do you love Him? There is a collective Assignment – “who is called according to his purpose” His purpose that we be […]

Hope From Our Savior John 16:31-33


Gift–  There is peace through Jesus, peace in the process. Grief– In this World there will be rough times, there will be troubling times. Glory — You can express joy because  Jesus have overcome the world. No matter what’s going on there is always a ray of Hope in Jesus!!    

It Will Not Defeat Us 2 Corinthians 4:8-9


Attacks we endure — Pressures all around us; troubles on every side; orchestrated by the devil. Assurances of another out come — Perplexed; unsure why; disturbed about whats going on,  Don’t lose hope God won’t abandon us. Attitude we will exhibit — A Good Testimony; trust in God that He won’t let it overtake us. […]