The Power of God

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“Love At It Best” John 15: 12-15


Jesus commands that we love one another as He has loved us.  If we could love more than anything else we would have a better world. Greater Love …… It’s Superior It’s Sacrificial It’s Selfless Love is an Action Word it’s more than just lip service.

What Means These Stones? Joshua 4: 20-24


The Stones Represent the Provision of God — God dried up the Jordan river, the people they came through on dry ground. The Stones Represent the Power of God — All people will know that God has ALL power shut up his hands. The Stones Represent the Preeminence of God —  All people will fear […]

“Everybody Deserve A Chance” Jonah 4:10&11


A Reluctant Prophet – Jonah hated the people, God don’t care about your hang ups. A Repented People – The people believe God and fasted and repented as a Nation. God withheld his judgement. He’s a Righteous Provider – He provided shade for Jonah, then showed him everyone deserves a chance.

It’s Only Through Him John 15:1-7


Our Dependency is in the Vine – you can not produce fruit unless you abide in the vine. Our Productivity is in the Vine – if we are really in Him we will produce much fruit. Our Answered Prayers is in the vine – we should be able to help someone while we are here […]

“He Will Deliver” Psalms 34:19


The Righteous will have many afflictions — people of integrity will suffer, they will have many troubles. Life Happens — you might have not done anything wrong and bad things happen to you. BUT No matter what the problem or struggle is God will deliver us. God will Deliver us from ALL our TROUBLES.

Why Where You Surprised? Acts 12:11-16


Believe what you pray to God about — if you tell God about your concern believe he will answer, Yes  Wait or No. They should have expected God to Answer — Don’t be surprised when he answer. Rejoice and be thankful. Don’t be surprised HOW God answers — God can speak to it, God can […]