Sermons from August 2022

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For This Cause I Prayed Ephesian 3:14-21


For This Cause I Prayed — Paul prayed for the Saints (US) Increase for Spiritual Strength — If you strengthen the inner man it will strengthen the outer man, the physical man. Increase the Spiritual Intimacy — Know the love of Christ, this love pass our human knowledge. His love will make you love your […]

Faith that Over Come the World 1John 5:4-6


Faith over the world because…….. We have been born  of God — rebirth takes place inside of us.  God gives us power to overcome. We are given the Victory — Victory over heartache, pain and sickness. You have to trust in God and rely on the Spirit. We believe in the Sonship of Jesus — […]

A Word to the Weary Matthew 11:28-30


When we find ourself weary what do you do? There is somebody who is able to help, someone greater than man. Beware of the enemy he attacks the mind. Stop worrying about what people think, love them that come against you. When we find ourself weary what do you do? Come To Me —  Jesus […]