Sermons from March 2024

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The Destiny of Jesus Mark 10:32-34


He Explains Where His Destiny Will Take Him — His destiny will take him UP to Jerusalem and will be delivered to his enemies.  You can not change your destiny. We see Jesus Destiny Revealed — He would be mocked, spit on and He would die.  Jesus was willing to have his destiny fulfilled without […]

“Love At It Best” John 15: 12-15


Jesus commands that we love one another as He has loved us.  If we could love more than anything else we would have a better world. Greater Love …… It’s Superior It’s Sacrificial It’s Selfless Love is an Action Word it’s more than just lip service.

Who Has Anything Better? John 6: 66-69


The question of Jesus — who is serious about following Him?  What we need is in the Lord. The answer is in the Lord — Simon Peter answered to whom shall we go, who has anything better. The Confirmation of the disciples.  We believe and are assure you are the Christ, You have the Words […]