Sermons by Pastor Charles Adams Jr.

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Turn Your Worries Into Prayers Phil 4:6&7

Acknowledge that there is a Worry — When the cares of the World come, don’t panic, don’t worry pray! Instruction to Pray — He can keep a secret, you can share everything with Him, He hears us! Have some expectation of God — He will do what He says He will do, You can have […]

“If My People” 2 Chronicle 7:13-14


1. God’s claim — God has chosen us as his people, sometimes we don’t deserve it and he still claim us. 2. God’s Complaint — They don’t humble themselves, they don’t pray, they don’t seek my face, they haven’t turn from there wicked ways. 3. God’s Cure —  Go to God with a repented heart […]

But the Lord is Faithful 2Thessalonian 3:1-3


God will Establish You –God will strengthen you and give you what you need to go on! God will keep you from evil — God protect us from evil, God extends grace to His children. Good will leave you confident in Him — He is ABLE!! Keep the Faith don’t let NO one deceive You!!  […]

Hope From Our Savior John 16:31-33


Gift–  There is peace through Jesus, peace in the process. Grief– In this World there will be rough times, there will be troubling times. Glory — You can express joy because  Jesus have overcome the world. No matter what’s going on there is always a ray of Hope in Jesus!!    

Whose Really in Control? Daniel 4:28-34, 37


His Pride — Be careful when someone boast about “I” and “My”  pride is a dangerous thing.  We must remember who brought us to this point. God is Listening — Be careful of your boasting and bragging for God is listening.  God can bring judgement, for He is in control. His Proclamation — He is […]

You Can’t Escape God. Psalm 139:7-12


There is no where to run from God — God is Every where There is no place to hide — You can’t  hide from God not in heaven or hell; He is always there There is Nothing that STOPS GOD — No matter what you do; No matter where you GO; God is with us […]