Sermons by Pastor Charles Adams Jr.

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It Wasn’t Necessary Judges 11:29-35


Why It Wasn’t Necessary!! 1. He had the presence of God with him. — It was God presence who led him; God promises never to leave us 2. He didn’t have to make a promise to God. — If God says He gonna do it He will do it….. He is not a man that […]

Be Still and Know Psalm 46:10&11


Look at the Person of God….. Be still!! Sit still and listen see what God has to say Look at the Pre-eminence (Superiority) of God …. He will be exalted by saint and sinner, He has no equal We Need to Know the Presence of God….. He is ALWAYS with US! His presence bring peace […]

For the Righteous Sake Genesis 18:23-26


The Righteous should be concerned — We should be reaching out for everyone to be invited to the Family of Christ The Righteous should know to intervene — We should know how to go to God about others The Righteous should believe God — We should believe what God says We are proof that He […]

He is in No Hurry 2Peter 3:8-9


God isn’t on nobody Schedule;  Do you have God penciled in? God is patient with Everybody; God is long suffering God is giving every one a chance; God will is that no one will miss heaven                              Lord You Have Our Attention

Don’t Stop Praying 1 Thessalonian 5:17


Prayer helps us develop a relationship with God — Talk to Him spend time with Him Prayer allows us to talk to God — We can talk to God about anything and everything; He listens and don’t tell our secrets Prayer leads us to the unlimited resources of God — We can talk to God […]

It Will Not Defeat Us 2 Corinthians 4:8-9


Attacks we endure — Pressures all around us; troubles on every side; orchestrated by the devil. Assurances of another out come — Perplexed; unsure why; disturbed about whats going on,  Don’t lose hope God won’t abandon us. Attitude we will exhibit — A Good Testimony; trust in God that He won’t let it overtake us. […]

The Answer To All Our Fears Psalm 27:1-5


Confident Claim in His God — The Lord is MY Light, MY Life, My God; He is Mine Confident Clause — How I Know; Those that don’t like you, They stumble and fall Confident Celebration — I will dwell in the house of the Lord; In the time of trouble He will Hide me in […]

It’s What We Must Do 2 Chronicles 7:14

What Do We Need To Do To Hear From God Humble Yourself — Don’t be high and mighty bow down to God Pray — Share everything with God; He wants to here from Us; Repent Seek His Face — We need Him to have mercy, give forgiveness and protection Turn From Your Wicked Ways — […]