Celebrating 98 year Church Anniversary  Theme “The Prevailing Presence of the Church”  Matthew 16:18

Pastor David Edward and the Mt. Horeb MB Church (3:00pm service)

Matthew 16:18&19, Colossians 2:15  “And the Gates of Hell

1.Assaults the Church– He attacks the church in there Mind

When we Saved — The Spirit is saved immediately,  The soul is save gradually, The body will be save eventually

When we Sin — The Spirit died immediately, The Soul dies gradually, The body dies eventually.

2. Sovereign Assurance to the Church — Tribulation, Persecution, Temptation, Triumph, Everlasting Life

3. The Salvation of the Church — Key to Heave, When you place faith in Jesus its the only way to heaven.  We have Victory through Christ!!